4 Tips To Keep Your House Clean With A Pet [Evergreen Chem-Dry]
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Pets. Some people treat them like another child while other people can’t get over the frustrating messes and noises that they make. Whatever your pet is to you, in the end, we know that you love them but it can be hard to keep your home clean while taking care of them. In fact, it can be hard to love your pet when they keep making a mess in your home. While this is obviously frustrating, annoying, or difficult at times, with just a few tips and tricks, your home can stay clean even through the worst of times with your pets. So are you ready to make this happen? Keep reading if you are! 

Step 1: Keep Your Pet Clean

Pretty obvious right? Well that’s usually the first step to keeping your house clean with pets but it’s often forgotten. Your pets spend time outside, eating, and doing other things that could make them dirty or in need of a little wash. If they go long amounts of time without a bath, brush, or quick scrub, they could be leaving dirt and other unwanted grime in your home without you even knowing. A good way to keep them clean is to have a rag or mat for them to brush off before they come back inside. You might also think about having a routine for when they get a bath or get washed off. A consistent cleaning will prevent your home from becoming dirty and healthy while also keeping your pet looking fresh and clean!

Step 2: Vacuum Regularly

This is something that should be done whether or not you have pets but it’s especially important with your furry animals running around. Dirt, hair, and other unwanted things that pets carry with them can hide in the carpets and furniture of your home. Overtime this makes your carpets smell, fades them, and can be unhealthy for those in your home. A regular vacuum on your upholstery items and carpets will remove the grime from the surface and lengthen the life of them! 

Step 3: Do Laundry And Keep Their Eating Area Clean

Pets make a mess as they eat. Extra food, hair, or saliva can get everywhere as they devour their food. This causes a mess that if not cleaned often, could become unhealthy for you, your family, and your pet. Wipe down their eating area often to insure cleanliness. Their bowls will also collect gross grime if not cleaned regularly. 

Pets use more laundry than you might think at first. Many of them use blankets, towels, and beds daily. Just like any item of clothing that you might wear and wash, your pets items need washing quite often. Consider washing them on a schedule to make sure they are clean and healthy. This will keep you pet cleaner and your home much cleaner as well.

Step 4: Professionally Clean Carpets And Upholstery Items (To Get Rid Of Those Pee Stains)

You might be able to lightly clean your carpets and upholstery items yourself but the truth is, more dust, allergens, and dirt brought in from your pets gets into the cracks and deep into the fibers making it hard to get out by yourself. A professional carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry uses Eco-Friendly solutions to break down the grime from the source of the fibers, leaving your carpet and upholstery clean from your pets accidents and dirt. We also use an ultraviolet light to detect any unseen pee stains from your pet. No need to worry when your pet makes a mess, a professional carpet cleaning will do the trick!

So remember these steps when you are cleaning with a pet. A consistent cleaning will help your home look clean and fresh, even with pets!