5 Reasons to Get a Carpet Cleaning this Summer
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Summer! It’s hard to hear that word and not get at least a little excited about the warmer weather, vacations, and time to spend with friends and family. Summer can be one of the busiest times of the year for carpets in Washington homes. Don’t let them go through the wear and tear without some help. Here are some reasons that a carpet cleaning is the smart thing to do to this summer.

1. School is out!

“School’s out, for summer!” You might be hearing your kids singing this over and over once they are out of school because of their excitement…. and because they are home more often. With your kids home for the summer, your carpets won’t have much of a rest from constant traffic and dirt coming in from outside. Many kids like to spend time outdoors. This means that they will be collecting unwanted dirt, allergens, and dust into your home that could cause your carpets some grief over time. A consistent carpet cleaning, especially one in the beginning of summer, will help insure a good start for your carpets during the summer months.

2. A time to spend with family, friends, and guests.

Summer is a time for friends and family to get together and have a good time. Even just a weekend cookout with some friends can help you relieve stress in the warm summer sun. Though it’s great to spend time with others, it also increases the chances of a little spill or accident occurring in your home when people go inside for a refill. Don’t let those juice or soda stains keep you from enjoying your summer parties.

3. The warm humid air.

Many residents in Seattle, Lynwood and the surrounding areas in Washington wait for weeks for the rain to stop and the sun to come out. When the sun comes out and the weather warms up, they are ready to enjoy every moment! With so much rain and the warm humid air during the summer, homes in Seattle and Lynwood are in danger of molding, especially from underneath the carpets. Withe the warmer weather, more people open their windows, letting the humid air hit the carpets and causing build up from underneath the carpets that might not be seen by the eye. A professional carpet cleaning will help your home stay mold free this summer, while still enjoying the warm, fresh air.

4. More pet activity.

Not only does the warm weather make you excited, your pets become more active as well. Dogs and cats alike, spend more time outdoors. If they come back inside, this can cause a problem for your carpets. More time outdoors=more dirt and allergens. A simple carpet cleaning can help destroy unwanted particles and growth from underneath your carpets.

5. Show off your home!

With many guests coming this summer, make your home look fresh and clean. Carpet cleaning not only helps your guests feel more at home, but it also helps them leave your home in great health as well.

Evergreen Chem-Dry in Seattle, Lynwood, and the surrounding Washington areas provides Green-Certified, clean, and reliable carpet cleaning for you and your family. Don’t let your carpets suffer this summer, give us a call to receive a free quote and see what difference Evergreen Chem-Dry what make for you!